I’m Sangeeta Patel. Since I’m always passionate & posses interest in stuffs related to Latest Technology, Fashion & Life Style, Travel & Food etc. it urges me to inscribe all my knowledge related to these permanently somewhere,  which finally gives birth to my maiden blog, My Conscientia.

My Conscientia was launched in August 2013. It basically contains articles related to Latest Technological stuffs  those are happening in the fast-changing world for the Tech Geeks, articles related to Health & Life Style and my own prepared recipes for both Gourmet & Cooking Lovers.

All the articles are written by me and my co-author P. S. Patra. We seek to present interesting, essential, noteworthy tips, tutorials & resources that modern web professionals & blog followers will appreciate. This is what this website is all about, educating and helping others, no matter what level they are at. 

Please share your thoughts, comments or feedback about the contents of my blog.