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Healthy Habits To Keep You Away From Disease

Taking care of yourself is the best way to maintain your health. If you want to live a healthy life and enjoy your old age without being suffered by several kinds of illness, then change your daily lifestyle because even the simplest little healthy modification can cause great benefits. 

Followings are the steps to stay away from the  germ attack and different diseases.

##Drink lots of Water everyday
Drink a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water every day, depending on your physical activity. Sufficient intake of water is very essential to flush out toxins from your body and to rejuvenate your cells. If you do not drink enough water, you will end dehydrated yourself and thus, exhausted.

##Wash your Hands often 
Not washing hands before a meal is one of the fastest way you can fall ill. During our daily routine task , we tend to touch several things knowingly or unknowingly. Due to this habit, germs can get easily transported from our hands to our mouth. Hence, always keep a habit of washing hands regularly to keep health problems at a hands away.  
##Breathe in the Right way
The best way to improve your health is by improving your breathing technique. We should breathe from our diaphragm instead of breathing from our chest. This change in the breathing pattern will help to maximize the oxygen intake and will also ensure that you stay calm. Change your breathing style to improve the way your body functions and blood circulation.

##Eat a healthy Breakfast everyday
Always make sure that you eat a healthy breakfast every morning. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and a eating a healthy breakfast in the morning will help you to avoid snacking during the rest
of the day. It results in preventing stomach upset which is caused due to digestion problem and weight gain.

##Have lots of Vegetables 
Consume all types of vegetables in your diet. The health benefits of eating vegetables are numerous. Vegetables are loaded with fiber, essential vitamins and various nutrients which promote good health in every way.

##Sweat out by Exercise
Give a break to your inactive life by adding a little exercise to it. Exercising regularly for 30 minutes have endless benefits as it helps to maintain healthy weight, decreases tension and boosts your energy levels and mood. Start exercising to stay healthy and avoid various cardiovascular diseases.

##Bath Properly 
Make sure you cleanse yourself thoroughly with a good refreshing shower gel or soap. A good shower is necessary to remove dirt and odour from your body and bathing also helps you to revitalize. Take bath daily by cleaning each part of your body thoroughly to prevent infection and foul odour.

##Cut your Nails Regularly
Long nails will not only make performing your daily tasks difficult but it can also act as a host for infections and germs. When you touch several things, there is a huge chances of the germs getting stuck into your nails. These germs can pass to your mouth, when you nibble your food.

##Always Apply Sunscreen
Make a habit of applying a good sunscreen on your skin, whenever you go out. This habit will keep various skin problems like skin cancer. Besides, it will also decrease skin damage and give you a younger looking skin for a long time.

##Say no to Sugary Items
Sugary items are as toxic as alcohol and cigarettes. Excess presence of sugar in your body, can have severe negative effects on your weight and skin. Avoid sugary items and sweet sodas to keep diabetes
and other chronic diseases away.

##Quit Smoking 
Smoking even a single cigarette a day, can cause blood clots, which may prevent swift flow of the blood and hence can cause plaque to develop in your arteries and blood vessels. Besides, you may also damage the life of the nonsmoker who is living with you.

##Sleep Well
Never compromise on your sleeping hours. A good night's sleep for 8 hours is very important to prevent various sleeping disorders. Thus, always maintain a proper schedule and proper sleeping pattern. Choose a comfortable bed and never eat a heavy meal at late night.

##Stop Worrying
The best thing you can do to yourself is by avoiding stress
like plague. Stress is the cause of various health problems like depression,insomnia and heart ailment. Whenever stressed, practice breathing exercise and relax yourself.

## Don't consume Junk Foods
Fast food is rich in trans fat, sugar, spices and artificial preservatives. Constantly consuming junk food will expand your waistline and cause serious health problems in the long run such as high cholesterol
, diabetes and heart problems. Since fast food is rich in bad fat, it raises the bad cholesterol in the body and leads to the hardening of the arteries, which can further cause plaque deposits. Hence, switch to a healthier diet and protect yourself from weight gain and other serious problems.

##Don't share Personal Items
Sharing personal items like razors, toothbrush and nail clips etc. can lead to germ transfer. Keep your personal items just for you. Never share any item even with your family members.

##Don't look at the Monitor Continuously for a Longer Time
Reduce your monitor time to avoid negative impact on your eyes and mental health
. If your work depends on the usage of monitors then protect yourself by using a good pair of eye protection glass and adjust the way you sit. Besides, make sure you avoid looking at any kind of a monitor before bed time to get a good night sleep.
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