Friday, 25 October 2013

Spices That Can Prevent Cancer

Most Valuable Spices
  • Cayenne Pepper/Capsaicin (Chilli peppers): A very important spice with anti-cancer properties. An overdose of chilli peppers however should be restrained but capsaicin destroys potential cancer cells and reduces the size of leukaemia tumour cells considerably. It can be concluded that, it is not only setting our tongues on fire, also can scare cancer pathogens off too.
  • Ginger: This amazing spice is having a lots of medicinal qualities that can help in  lowering the cholesterol, boost metabolism and kill cancer cells. Easily added to vegetable dishes, non vegetables menu preparations(fish,meat etc.) and salads. Ginger enhances the flavour in cooking.
  • Oregano: More than a pizza or pasta topping, oregano confirms its worth as a potential agent against prostate cancer. Consisting of anti-microbial compounds, just one teaspoon of oregano has the power of two cups of red grapes. A Phyto  chemical named 'Quercetin',which is  present in oregano, restricts the growth of malignant cells in the body and acts like a drug against cancer-centric diseases.
  • Cinnamon: A half teaspoon of cinnamon powder every day can keep away the risk of  cancer. cinnamon is a source of iron and calcium. Cinnamon is useful in reducing the growth of tumour. Also it blocks the formation of new vessels in the human body.
  • Cumin: It helps in digestion and probably that is why we like chewing a handful of cumin seeds at the end of every meal. However, its health benefits is much more than we can imagine. A portent herb with anti-oxidant characteristics, cumin seeds contain a compound called 'Thymoquinone' that checks proliferation of cells responsible for prostate cancer.
  • Saffron: Saffron contains a natural carotenoid dicarboxylic acid called 'Crocetin'  which is a primary cancer-fighting element . It not only inhibits the progression of the disease but also decreases the size of the tumour by half, guaranteeing a complete goodbye to cancer. Though it is the most expensive spice in the world. A few saffron threads come loaded with lots of benefits so that you won't think paying for it.
  • Fennel: It is loaded with phyto-nutrients and antioxidants. Due to which  cancer cells have no other options rather to accept defeat when the spice is fennel. 'Anethole', a major constituent of fennel resists and restricts the adhesive and invasive activities of cancer cells. It suppresses the enzymatic regulated activities behind cancer cell multiplication.
  • Turmeric/Curcumin: It is main or you can say as the king of all spices. It comes in dealing with cancer diseases. Turmeric contains the powerful polyphenol Curcumin that has been clinically proven to retard the growth of cancer cells causing prostrate cancer, melanoma, breast cancer, brain tumour, pancreatic cancer and leukaemia amongst a host of others.


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