Sunday 29 September 2013


My State Orissa is the home of amazing and enchanting natural beauty. Because of its undulating topography it is endowed with places of natural beauty, which are in abundance especially in the Western part of Orissa. The natural stream, waterfalls and forest resources at here are so attractive and lovable that these move the heart of the tourists.
In this article here today I’m narrating my unforgettable and most enjoyed trip to the place Kandhamal, located at the western side of Orissa.

The district of Kandhamal is blessed with the beauty of nature. It is the land filled with various and beautiful waterfalls and streams. It has wild life, scenic beauty, healthy climate, and serpentine ghat roads for the tourists, who need to relax and enjoy. It has attractions, like panoramic coffee gardens, pine jungles, Ghat roads, hills and water falls, virgin forest and typical tribal village life.

Here around 66% of the land area of the district is covered with dense forest and high-reaching mountains which provide shelter to its local tribal or inhabitants like Kondhas, rich in lush green grasslands at the attitude of 2000 ft. to 3000 ft., the terraced valleys multituted with these colorful tribal in their natural heritage, dancing and sporting has its own appeal.  This place is also famous for its beautiful handicrafts such as Dokra, Terra-Cotta works, and also Cane and Bamboo works.
It was the period of winter, when people normally prefer to explore new places, we decided to visit Kandhamal. I along with my two friends Partha & Sumant started the trip from Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa. Before that we have collected all the information regarding the places to visit, to explore. I’m passionate about natural photography, so for trip I’d purchased a Nikon DSLR camera to have some momentous and beautiful clicks.
We started the journey with full of excitement at around 10:00 PM by a Bus. The distance from Bhubaneswar to Kandhamal is around 266 K.M. So we reached Kandhamal around 4:30 PM in the next day morning.
Bhubaneswar to Kandhamal

At the time we reached Kandhamal, the atmosphere was so chilled. The temperature there on that day was 4 degree Celsius. Normally here you’ll find snow falling during the winter. We found some people were making fire to get rid of the cold winter, some are taking hot tea at the tea-stall near the Bus-stop and some were in deep sleep with wearing the blanket.
We then moved directly to the hotel, which we had booked before for some refreshment and then at around 5:45 AM we started to explore the place with a Tourist Guide. We took a Toyota Innova vehicle for this. We started early as we had plan to view the Sunrise view at the hill-top, which was so amazing and most watchable. The soft red hue of the rising sun was visible on the horizon far and above and the fresh morning aroma of the winter just added to the magic of the place. 
The route to Kandhamal passes through Daringibadi, which is nearer to this place. This place is so famous for its climate & snowfall, so it is called as “the Kashmir of Orissa”.So after having the Sunrise view we moved to enjoy the snowfall at Daringibadi Hill station and the natural beauty of that place.
Kandhamal to Daringibadi


We three had never before such experience of snow falling so we enjoyed a lot as if we don’t want to miss a single moment.


Because of this, whenever I think about nature’s beauty, the place Kandhamal and its natural views instantly come to mind and it’s hard curb your urge to visit that place again. The story of this place with its lush green natural beauty filled with mountains, it’s so simple innocent tribal people and inhabitants, which is inexpressible in words. Also its water falling sounds from the streams created by the nature, which is incomparable.
After having some breakfast at a restaurant nearby the road, at around 10:30 AM we then move to the place Katramal, which is just 3.5 K.M from Kandhamal. It’s famous for the Katramal Waterfall. It’s located in the Phiringia Forest Range. Initially to attract the trippers, the administration department had built one watch tower and an approaching bridge, which is now in damaged state.

Katramal Waterfall-1

So the inhabitants have developed a wooden bridge here, and we had to pass through it. Though, initially we were getting fear to cross, but later found that it was not dangerous. Then you can move to the watch tower to view the natural scenery. There the view was so beautiful, you can have the view of whole Katramal area from there.

Katramal Waterfall-2.jpg

After enjoying the natural scenery, we then came down from the watch tower to enjoy the Katramal Waterfall. The water was so chilled but was very much enjoyable. The most interesting thing was there that, the place at where the water from the fall is falling we found small fishes are playing there, which was so funny, as if the nature has created an aquarium there.

Fishes in the Katramal Waterfall

One thing if you’re coming to this place ever, please have some biscuits or bread pieces with yourself. It’s not only for you, but for the fishes with whom you can make friendship, you can call them towards yourself and enjoy the moment. We had biscuits with us, so we did the same what others were also doing and enjoyed the moment a lot.

Fishes in the Katramal Waterfall-1

Then we enjoyed the waterfall for around half an hour, took bath there and then went for lunch. After lunch we then moved to Urmagarh Waterfall which is around 5-6 KM from Katramal waterfall. 
Umargarh wf-1

The road for this is a Mud Road, with lots of pebbles, uncovered stones and gravels. The road takes one to the heart of Kandhamal forests and the aerial yet magnificent trees of all kind stood tall in this amazing hinterland. Finally we reached Urmagarh waterfall. There was very less water in the fall since the rains had been pretty less in this part of the area but nonetheless the view was breathtaking indeed. We especially enjoyed the natural beauty there with some awesome and unforgettable clicks. 
Umargarh wf-2

After spending some few but priceless moments in the lap of nature along with its immense natural and scenic beauty, which was a joy to behold and we three were completely mesmerized by this whole experience. Finally it was time for we all three to parting and to bid adieu to these waterfalls. We then directly moved to the hotel after a whole day of exciting, interesting, enjoyable and adventurous trip. Finally we reached the hotel around 5:30 PM in the evening. After our dinner we enjoyed the clicks that we had taken that day and then went for sleep. Some moments of that day was so nostalgic and special that those are hard to forget. Especially enjoying the snowfall, the sunrise, and the Katramal waterfall.
Next day we started the journey a bit earlier at around 5:00 AM in the morning. Because that day we had to return back to Bhubaneswar late night after visiting the remaining places of the journey and Kandhamal. That day we had planned to visit some temples located there along with some other waterfall and places. 

So we again directly moved to the Urmagarh Village, where the Urmagarh Waterfall is located, that we had visited on Day-I. Here we came again to visit the famous temple of Goddess Urma Devi. According to our guide, here the inhabitants have the belief that nobody tells lie in front Goddess Urma Devi and if anyone tells he/she gets caught. So people of this place have strong belief on the Goddess. 
The scenic view of the temple area located in between the Kandhamal forest and hilly areas was so mesmerizing and pleasant. Also from the administration department one message has been given to people that, those who cuts trees from the jungle, Urma Devi gets anger on him/her. So people at this place don’t cut the trees and destroy the nature’s beautiful scenic gift. Finally we pay our adoration for the deity and move forward to the place Putudi after doing a small worship and taking the Goddess Blessings.
Kandhamal to Putudi Waterfall

The place Putudi is also located to Urmagarh and only 15 K.M. far from the place Kandhamal. It’s also famous for its waterfall. Now must be guessing why at the beginning I described this place as land of Streams or Waterfalls. While visiting Putudi, we passed through lots of Ghats. Though it was so adventurous and full of fear, but still so exciting. While passing through the Ghats you’ll see high-reaching mountains and dense forests along both the sides of the roads. We took some clicks of these beautiful views.

Then finally around 11:00 AM we reached at Putudi Waterfall. This place is most enjoyable during the summer because of its beauty and calmness. Here also you’ll find a watch tower made by the Government to have to beautiful natural view from the top of the tower. But the most enjoyable thing is to enjoy falling water of this fall, which we enjoyed a lot and took some very good photos to engraved the moments permanently and to remember.
The whole Kandhamal District is surrounded by the river Saalunki, which is originated from this waterfall. So along with Putudi, as per the Guide’s suggestions we enjoyed the river view of River Saalunki. Really the place was so pleasant and so beautiful.
Saalunki River.

Then after lunch we moved to our final destination of the trip, namely Balas Kumpa Temple. It’s the place which is so beautiful, so enchanting and associated with the arts and culture of Kandhamal District.
Here the Goddess Balas Kumpa is being worshipped. This temple was created by the Boudha King. Here people had the belief that, whoever wishes something here, it gets fulfilled. Here also we did a small puja and taking the blessings we came to the end of our journey.
Finally bidding a happy adieu to the Kandhamal District and it’s full of natural beauty we moved directly to the hotel to pick the Bus for Bhubaneswar.
Kandhamal to Bhubaneswar

Got Emotional….???
It’s obvious and same was also for me, when I left that day from Kandhamal. Actually it’s the effect, fragrance and mesmerizing natural beauty of Kandhamal which make you emotional and this journey to Kandhamal in our life was so touching and will remain ever as an Unforgettable part.

So have a visit to Kandhamal to add a new chapter to your life also…!!!


  1. Hey Partha... I will put some light in the post with Odia Bits..

    Prakrute o Parampara ,karukarya vara mora e Utkal..

    Sundarata ra mapakati ta nahi... Jaha bi taku mapia....

    Puni E kandamal o Tara paribesh!!!!!!!!!!!.
    --Nagna Nirjara ra kalwala.. Prabratraji ra sabujima o ta sahita

    Ghana shyamala TaruRaji...Dongra kandhuni ra Chua Nritya.

    Ati Atvuta ek parivasha... -----

    Ramya se paribesh... Ramya Tara vasa & Sahitya...

    Prakrutee kichi sangya nahi... Ki Bislesan nahi
    Kichi V hau.. E mo. U Utkal ra Matha Upare Tara e sabu birangana ku Ne....

    Bande Janni!!


    Prakrutee kichi sangya nahi... vi Bislesan nahi
    Kichi V hau.. E mo U Utkal ra Matha Upare tara e sabu birangana ku Nehi
    Bande Janni!!

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