Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Cucumber and its Health Benefits:

Cucumber and cross section
Cucumber and cross section (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There are so many Fruits which can do magical things for our health. Cucumber is one among them. Cucumber is beneficial for both interior and exterior parts of our body. Cucumber is great in salads and fresh juice. Cucumber does a great job in refreshing and hydrating the body especially since it contains 95% water.

Some Benefits Of Cucumber:
  • Cucumber has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Cucumber is rich in Vitamin B. Apart from that, it contains about 95% water which indeed helps in hydrating the body. If the body gets good hydration, it can eliminate toxins, which is good for kidneys and liver as well.
  • It is good to eat as a snacks because Cucumber with its skin have most of the amount of daily vitamins that a body requires.
  • Cucumber has the ability to fight with cancers like Ovarian Cancer, Breast Cancer, Uterine Cancer.
  • A hormone found in Cucumber can help the Pancreas to produce insulin, which is a big issue with Diabetic patients.
  • Cucumber can also help in reducing the Cholesterol levels.
  • As cucumber is rich in potassium,fiber and magnesium, it can help in regulating the blood pressure(BP).
  • Cucumber contains a vitamin called Silica which can give strength to connective tissues such as joints that indeed helps in problems like arthritis pain, joint pain, gout, brittle nails  etc.
  • Some other benefit includes : good for digestion, weight loss and bad breath, beneficial for pyorrhea,natural remedy for treating tapeworms.
  • Cucumber  is not only useful for health,rather we can use it in home for cleaning foggy mirrors.

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