Monday 23 September 2013

iSketchNote – Digitizes The Paper Scribbling to an iPad


Now there’s no doubt about the popularity of iPad & all its similar folks. These are getting popular not only among the adults but also among the kids. Now, for all those parents who wish their kids would play with something else once in a while, simple drawing paper and pens. But what if you lose the notes or sketches, you’ll miss all the important data, information you have.

Also suppose you’re at school or college, taking notes on your teacher or professor’s lecture. Let’s say you need these notes digitized, both for better retention and for safe storage. Now no need to bother about that, your tension is over…

Now ISKN, LLC, a company whose mission is to combine the natural experience of familiar tools with the power of technology has developed a new digital Sketchnote Handbook, namely iSketchnote, which will solve all your above said issues. It's a really cool new iPad cover that allows you to, of all things, doodle and sketch to your heart's content right on your lovely new iPad.

It could be the perfect crossover product for those individuals who prefer to use pen and paper to draft ideas, but who would love a digital copy of the end result. The iSketchnote can also be hooked up to a PC or Mac via USB, so those who don't own an iPad will still be able to use the product.

What is iSketchnote:

The digital device iSketchnote includes the iSketch cover, iSketch pens and the iSketch app. It gives your iPad the feel of doodling on real paper and in real time. Interestingly, the pens don't require any batteries.

The device uses a sensor matrix built into an adjacent iPad cover. Regular sheets of paper overlay the sensor, somewhat like a pad of paper in an executive writing portfolio. The user makes doodles, notes or sketches on the paper normally, with an almost-normal pen. The sensor reads the classically drawn image created and re-creates it on the iPad in real time.

The iSketchnote case has sensors that work with almost any A5 notebook. These sensors allow your iPad to track your pen’s movements with a latency of only 50 ms. Via the USB connection, you will be able to connect your iSketchnote iPad/iPad Mini cover to your PC/Mac with all the functionality of iSketchnote. It also contains a built-in SD card slot, by which you'll also be able to take the cover on the road without the iPad (4GB will hold about 100 pages).

An array of sensors hidden at its core enables the iSketchnote to capture every pen stroke made on a piece of paper or notepad placed on the cover. Any paper can be used, and the pens are simple ballpoints which work in unison with the cover thanks to a ring-shaped magnet being embedded in them. The iSketchnote can even detect the color and tip of the pen being used.
Once you have finished doodling, you can save the digital copy of your work, watch an instant replay of your scribbling being committed to paper, or share it via social media sites.

Technical Details:

The iSketchnote comes with specialized pens, but not fake electronic pens. No, these are real pens with a special magnetic ring that allows the iSketchnote to recognize its unique signature.
The digitizer uses its own chip, a STM32 microcontroller F4 series running at a 168MHz clock frequency.

For connectivity support, currently it supports USB connection. A 4GB SD card can hold 100 pages, so the matrix can be used separately from the iPad. Latency is 50 ms. An API is available.

Price Details:
A pledge of $29 gets you the pen, while $149 gets you a complete iSketchnote pack with three pens. Pledges of $499 allow you to become part of the development process including testing betas and co-designing apps.

  • Your IPAD Your Notebook: now there’ll be no requirement of paper or notebook. The iSketchnote will give you authentic feel of paper directly digitized on your iPad in real time.
  • Your Pen Your Style: the iSketchnote comes with specialized pens, which not only requires any batteries or ink but also gives the unique feeling of your drawing pencil traveling on a sheet of paper.
  • A great feature of this case enables users to use the draw feature even without the iPad. Users can simply create their sketches on the iSketchnotes cover, which will be stored in the built-in SD card. Whenever user connects the case to the iPad the sketches are automatically transferred to the device.
  • Allows you to take notes, sketchnotes, draws from anywhere at anytime.
  • Allows you to capture your thinking visually and can share with the world around you.
  • Contains lots of Apps, that will makes your life more interesting.
  • Acts as a permanent storage for all your notes, so now there’ll be no fear of losing important data or lectures.
Universal 8.9-10.2 Netbook Notebook Sling Bag ...
Universal 8.9-10.2 Netbook Notebook Sling Bag iPad (netbook) sleeve and little pouch come with the bag. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In conclusion, the iSketchnote is something that we've always wanted, the ability to draw freehand and have it automatically downloaded to the computer and that will allow to share our stuffs, feelings with our friends, the world around us. So what’re you waiting for, go and check'em out.

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