Thursday 3 October 2013

Wanna Lead A Healthy & Stress Free Life…??? Some Ways To Boost Your Daily Routine...

Hello folks...
You all must have felt that, now day by day our life is turning to be more stressful and hectic. It may seem that there’s nothing we can do about stress. The bills won’t stop coming, there will never be more hours in the day, and your career, your study and family responsibilities, stress at work, stress at home Blah..Blah…Blah…!!!, which will always be demanding. 

Every day we get up, go to work, go home, and go to sleep. Maybe our routines aren't quite that tedious or dumb , but they're rarely sound and perfect. Whether you feel the need to get more done or just feel better in general, we've got plenty of suggestions to help you upgrade your daily routine. You have more control than you might think.
You must have noticed that, some days before I’d published a post as “Healthy Habits that Keep You Away From Disease”. Continuing from that, today in this post, I’m adding some more valuable ideas for you, which by adding to your Life, makes your life Happy and Stress-free.
    Do You Smile Daily? Do You Smile Enough?
    Do you know or understand the Importance and Significance of a Smile? Do you believe that smiling, laughing, & feeling JOY makes you feel good, keeps you Stress Free, and leads to Good Health in your life?

    Maybe you don’t have sufficient answers to those questions, but now a lots of medical researches have confirmed that how Smile plays an important role in our healthy life. It is a sweet non-verbal expression of our emotion. 

    Researchers have proved that a Real and Genuine Smile which is Spontaneous and comes from inside you, is created by certain Stimuli like: happy thought and mood, seeing something funny etc. and can’t be ever fake. Smiling, laughing and feeling Joy are natural therapies that not only relieves your stress and makes you healthier, but also can help you live a longer, happier life.

    So wanna lead a healthy & stress free life…???
    Then just always have a Sweet and Cute Smile on your face, which not only you but also makes others happy.
    Most of the dust in your home comes from the outside, the bulk of it coming in unnoticed on shoes that don’t appear to be either muddy or dirty. In order to prevent from dirt and chemicals or potential allergens from entering your house,you should remove your shoes at the door. This activity could be a practical way to keep the house clean and free from outdoor pollutants.
    When you don’t have a tissue or a napkin handy to cover your mouth and nose.This is not always the best because then there might be germs on your hands and you could just spread them when you touch things. Therefore, wash your hands immediately afterwards and often. The best way is to cough or sneeze into the crook of your elbow, or upper arm. It also helps to not spread germs because you don’t touch things with the crook of your arm very often. The most effective way is to carry around a handkerchief or tissues and sneeze into this. As long as you clean the handkerchief regularly, this is a very effective method.
    Many people specially office employees and students spend several hours a day staring at computer screens or monitor, which can result a strain in the eye and headaches. To protect your eyes from such things you should take frequent gaps in between. Eye specialists recommend the “20- 20-20 rule”: For every 20 minutes you spend at the computer, glance away from the screen for at least 20 seconds by looking at an object located 20 feet away. Giving your eyes a break, allows them to focus on something else. It is also a good idea to stand up, put your hands in the air, and take a long stretch to promote blood flow in the body.
    Reading or listening any motivational material leads a peaceful life. Sometimes the work pressure reduces or goes away. By doing this as a habit you can maintain a happier and healthier life. Also you can gain knowledge of different new things. So motivate yourself by reading and listening to inspirational books/ audiobooks .
    To keep yourself up to date watch/listen the news headlines daily. To know the present  scenario, current affairs related to the whole world you should see the news. Also by doing this as a habit you can  learn the new researches going on all over the world.
    If you are seething with anger, count up to 20 and take a slow, deep breath between each number. This simple technique can reduce your temper and cool your nerves. Counting distracts your mind, which gives you some time to distance your emotions from the situation that is ticking you off. If you are still angry, keep on counting and deep breathing until you feel calmer, and more in control. Taking slow, deep breaths helps to switch the nervous system from a sympathetic system response, to making you feel more relaxed.
    It is required to brush
    daily to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. However, cleaning your tongue is an important step to keep your mouth clean. The back of the tongue is the main place for bacteria and germs that can give you bad breath. Always brush the surface of your tongue from back to front, after brushing your teeth. Doing this twice a day removes plaque-causing bacteria and food particles trapped in the tongue, and freshens your breath.
    The toilet seat may seem like the most germ-infested item in the home, but studies have shown that the kitchen sponge supersedes the list. A kitchen sponge’s frequent use to clean dal or sabzi spills, as well as, its moist and porous texture, make it a breeding ground for foodborne bacteria, and mildew. To stop the spread of germs, make sure it is wet, then leave it in the microwave for 45 seconds every evening.