Tuesday 27 August 2013

Amazon Kindle (More Info)

It is a compact digital electronic device used for reading books and other text materials that are in digital form. It contains a paper-like display technology which makes it easy to even read it bright Sunshine.They can vary in Size, Weight, Appearance and Features.The Amazon Kindle is the 3rd Version of Kindle, which comes with 8,00,000 books and also allows the user to read books, magazines, PDFs and newspapers.It allows you to take the entire library wherever you go.


                                                         AMAZON  KINDLE


1) The single eBook kindle reader can hold upto 1400 titles(books, magazines, blogs, newspapers) in its memory.
2) Offers Wi-fi connectivity to the user.
3) Kindle comes with a storage space of 2 or 4 GB & also stores the user's entire library in the cloud, there by allowing the user to delete and re-download titles to organize and save space.
4) It allows the user to bookmark, highlight a selection of text or even type notes as you read. By this features, kindle has the potential to replace hardcopy textbooks in the future.
5) Adjustable text features makes it easy to read.
6) Don't have to go to the bookstore or newspaper stand, all can download from home.
7) Able to view PDFs quickly:
   > Meeting Schedule
   > Employee Training Manual
   > Converted Power Point Presentations
   > Company Policies
   > Financial Reviews
1) In the new Amazon Kindle, in its either there are two new button. So that the user can move easily for "next page" and "previous page".
2) The new Kindle comes with a direction pad for navigation thereby replacing the previous Scroll wheel in the Original Kindle.
3) The Home, Menu and Back buttons help the user to navigate through the books and the built-in Web browser.
4) On the base of the Kindle there you'll find a headphone jack(to enjoy the MP3 files), a USB port, a power adapter plug and a pair of volume buttons.
5) Underneath of the rubberized pad of the Kindle there is a slot for standard SD flash memory card.
6) Now it can translate selected words into other languages via Bing Translator.
7) The X-Ray feature allows you to view a graphical presentation of all the passages related to certain characters, places or recurring topics that occur across a page.