Thursday 29 August 2013


    The Tablet Screen size of Google Nexus 7(2013) has the highest resolution in the  world.This is the second generation of Nexus made by Asus.
    The new Nexus 7 is the first gadget to be shipped on an updated version of Google's Jelly Bean operating system(Android 4.3) with three models.
    • $229 for 16 GB  Wi-Fi(Available)
    • $269 for 32 GB Wi-Fi(Available)
    • $349 for 32 GB  LTE(Coming Soon)
    New Nexus 7 is very light ,that one can take anywhere and fits easily in bags, backpacks, and even in back-pockets.Nexus 7 has a high-definition screen and speakers that allow for virtual surround sound listening of films, games, or music. App switching is smooth and speedy, and gameplay and video playback are virtually straggle and stumble-free. Scrolling in the browser is also smooth. Google has included wireless charging on the Nexus 7. Google says the new device is supposed to get an hour more battery life than the original Nexus 7(2012).                               

    Features Of  Google Nexus 7(2013)
    • Google's Android 4.3 Operating System
    • 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor
    • 2 GB RAM
    • The display size is 1920 x 1200 HD (323 pixel per inch)
    • 1080 pixels HD IPS(In-panel Switching)
    • Screen size is 7.02 inch
    • It has 5 megapixel rear camera(auto focus), 1.2 megapixel(fixed focus) front facing camera
    • 7.87 inches in height, 4.49 inches in width, 0.34 inch in thickness
    • 10.2 ounces/0.64 lbs (290 grams)in Weight for base model(Wi-Fi), 10.5 ounces/    0.66lbs (299 grams) for cellular version (LTE)
    • Battery life  is 9 hours ,3950mAh
    • It has Bluetooth 4.0
    • With dual-band Wi-Fi and optional 4G LTE
    • Stereo speakers
  • we can access to a variety of games and other software for android devices.
  • Option for cellular wireless broadband(LTE).
  • It has a dazzling display, complaint-free performance, and solid battery life which wraps it in a super elegant, lightweight package. Well worth the money.
  • Data storage cannot be expanded with memory cards.
  • Some third-party apps must be updated for Android 4.3.
  • No slot for Micro SD Card.
  • Limited Storage Capacity.
  • No Support for MHL or HDMI to connect the device to HDTVs.
  • No Support for Sim Card Feature.
  • No 3G Connectivity Support.
  • Average Front & Rear Camera.
  • No Flash for Rear Camera though has Auto Focus.


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