Saturday 31 August 2013

MHL 3.0- Bridging the 4K Ultra HD Video to your Smartphone…!!!


The Mobile High-Definition Link abbreviated as MHL is an industrial standard interface that enhance your Smartphones, Tablets capabilities by allowing them to fully integrate with HDTV’s &other CE products, while delivering high-definition (HD) content with an easy-to-implement digital connectivity solution.

Before MHL it was not possible to map your phone's screen to any HDTV or displays, where you can view galleries, photos and videos exactly as you would on your smartphone, but on the big screen. Now the evolution of MHL technology this issue has been pretty well resolved and MHL 2.0 allows the user to view both HD as well as Full HD content of 1080p/60 on the HDTV. But there was no option for the support of Ultra HD video content.

Finally on August, 2013, the MHL Consortium announced that the MHL 3.0 version specification has been finalized. The biggest deal in the MHL 3.0 specification is the support for 4K Ultra HD Video format up to 2160p/30 with a brilliant visual experience. Also the MHL Consortium has announced that it has the ability of transferring data at a double bandwidth than its previous version of MHL 2.0 and also enables the Smartphone to mirror itself on to a Touch Screen Monitor.  Apart from these, this version comes up with tons of exciting, interesting and new features.

What is new in MHL 3.0 :
Following are the some new interesting that comes up with MHL 3.0 Specification.
  • Support for 4K Ultra HD Video:
The MHL 3.0 has the ability to share 4K Ultra HD video format up to 2160p/30 with a brilliant visual experience. Now you can watch all your 4K Ultra HD data content from your Smartphone on a HDTV or Home Theatre System.
  • Support for High speed peripherals along with Improved Remote Control Protocol (RCP):
      Along with 4K video support the new specification enables the support for high speed peripherals such as: Touch Screen, Keyboard and Mouse. It also has the ability for Mass Storage. For this the Remote Control Protocol(RCP) for this version has been updated. So now you can able to map your Smartphone to a touch screen monitor via MHL 3.0
  • Double Bandwidth with Simultaneous High-Speed data Channels:
MHL 3.0 enables the device to share content at a double bandwidth than its predecessor MHL 2.0.
  • High Power Charging Rate:
     The new MHL 3.0 supports power charging up to 10W, which should be sufficient for the Smartphone or Tablets draining power at a faster rate.
  • Support for HDCP 2.2 for Content Protection:
   The MHL 3.0 specification supports HDCP 2.2 protocol for content protection, which there by ensures the more secure delivery of it data.
  • Backward Compatibility:
The new version of MHL 3.0 is fully backward compatible with its predecessors MHL 2.0 and MHL 1.0.
  • Support for Multiple displays & low pin connector:
The MHL 3.0 along with 4K video support also supports for Simultaneous Multiple Displays. Also support connector of very low no of .pins as Five pins.

Finally MHL 3.0 brings good deals for those who love hooking their Smartphone on to HDTV or Home Theatre system to watch movies or play games on a big screen and thereby increases the functionality of there smart phone.
Android attached to a screen by Mobile High Definition Link

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