Saturday 24 August 2013

Benefits of some Spices:

Cinnamon: It is an anti-oxidant which stables the blood sugar and energy levels. It has an anti-clotting effect on the blood. It helps in reducing  arthritis pain. It improves the blood circulation. It tastes slightly sweet with heat. It is the dried inner bark of an evergreen tree.
Cumin: It helps in digestion and it has the most energy boosting iron. It has nutty peppery flavour. It is the dried seed of Cuminum  herb.
Coriander: It helps in digestion,rich with vitamin C. It is good for diabetic patients. It has anti-bacterial properties. It tastes mild lemony notes. It is the dried seeds of the coriander plants.
Turmeric: A major active ingredient called “Curcumin”, which is used to fight fat cells. Also it is rich with anti-oxidants and anti-cancer properties. It tastes woody and bitter. It is the dried root of a tropical plant.
Mustard: It is high in selenium, which may protect against skin cancer. It is mild to sinus clearing. It comes generally in 3 colours: yellow,brown and black. Yellow mustard seeds are less fiery than brown or black ones.
Fennel Seeds: It is an antioxidant which helps in growth and development, cholesterol absorption, neurological diseases prevention, cancer. It has good amount of dietary fibre which improves the digestion of the body. It has licorice-like flavour.
Cardamom: Its ingredients,cineole reduces inflammation. Also helps in digestion and detoxification. It significantly lowers blood pressure. It is used for infections of the mouth and throat as well as for the mouth ulcers. It is slightly sweet in taste and aromatic with lemony citrus notes.
Ginger Powder: It is an anti-inflammatory which tames post exercise muscle pains. It is very helpful for cold and flu. It is suggested for ovarian cancer treatment. It also strengthens immunity. It tastes tangy and warm.